Winter Things to Do in Leschi

When it’s winter time here in Leschi, our neighborhood is pretty quiet. All of the summertime boaters and swimmers are hibernating, and we become a collaborative of neighbors instead of a destination for tourists and visitors from around the city.

bluwater-leschiBut there are still some fun things to do in Leschi, even though it’s cold and gray!

Here are a few ideas:
• Take a scenic winter walk along the waterfront. It may be chilly and (often) wet, but don’t let that stop you from taking in the refreshing waterfront views along Lake Washington! Grab your coat, hat, and gloves and stroll up and down on the paths or the sidewalk.

• Bundle up and play in the park. The swings and tennis court at Leschi Park are sure to be available for some wintertime enjoyment! Don your North Face and take part in a bit of outdoor activity to get the blood rushing in your veins. You can relax and warm up here at the Bistro when you’re done!

• Enjoy a hot beverage at a café. Starbucks and Pert’s Deli offer options for espresso, tea, and more to keep you cozy as you hang out in Leschi during the winter.

• Get some pre-spring errands done. Stock up on your supplies for your pets (dog and cat) at Fido ‘n Scratch, or get your bicycle repaired and ready for springtime riding at The Polka Dot Jersey. There are a couple of other shops, a hair salon, and other services here in Leschi, too – in case you have other things to see to while you’re here.

• Grab a bite and a seasonal cocktail here at BluWater Bistro. Come on in and cozy up by the fire with a winter cocktail, or get comfy in one of our booths for a waterfront meal without the chill! One of the benefits of BluWater Bistro in Leschi during the winter months is our incredible views of Lake Washington, which can be appreciated from the warm indoors. Plus, there’s lots of hot food and drink to enjoy.