Outdoor Things to Do in Leschi

Summertime is nearly here, and while we know you’ll be stopping by for a fresh salad, seasonal cocktail, or cold beer, we also know you want to be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather! So, we’ve put together a helpful little list of fun outdoor things to do in and around Leschi when the weather is nice…

  • Get some sun at the Leschi dock. Located across Lakeside Avenue from Leschi Park, and attached to the parking lot adjoining BluWater Bistro, the long boat dock is a fantastic spot to picnic on the water or get some summer sun! Bring along your lawn chairs and pack a snack, or get some delicious BluWater take-out.
  • Play a round – or two – of tennis at Leschi Park. The tennis court at Leschi Park is slightly private and secluded above the rolling hillside below, which leads down to Lakeside Avenue and the waterfront. Get in a bit of exercise out in the beautiful summer weather, and drop in at BluWater Bistro for refreshment afterward (it’s within walking distance!).

  • Splash and play at waterfront beaches and docks. Stretching north of Leschi Park along Lake Washington Boulevard, you’ll find a handful of playground areas and lakeside mini parks that are ideal for some summer activities. Madrona Park is just a couple minutes’ drive north of Leschi Park, and has picnic areas, a guarded beach for safety, a play area, and more.
  • Sail the waters nearby. The Leschi area of Lake Washington gets some boat traffic during the summer, but it’s rarely crowded! Dock nearby for some relaxation on the water, or for a stop by the restaurant to say hello.
  • Dine outdoors at BluWater. We have to get in on the fun of beautiful Pacific Northwest summer weather! Alongside our southeast wall and out back on the little deck, we offer some prime real estate for outdoor diners. Enjoy any one of our classic BluWater specialties, seasonally featured items, or just a cool beverage!

Welcome to Leschi this summer season! We look forward to enjoying your company at BluWater Bistro, giving you a friendly wave as you soak up the great outdoors!